In order to grasp a true understanding of what I mean by “olives” you must know how much I despise them!  Few things around the table am I able to consistently call a food-foe, but olives hold a unique place in the “not a chance” list of snack foods — right on top!  As a child they never held a favorable place with me and I thought as an adult things might change.  I thought that perhaps with age my taste-buds would embrace the flavors, the richness.  Nope, gagged on them just the same!

Life is full of olives!  For some of you, I know, you love olives!  You’ll need to replace them for the sake of this post with your personal version of my “olive.”  Life dishes out moments, experiences, circumstances that for all intents and purposes appear to be part of what life is all about.  I’d have to say the same about olives actually.  They look pretty, all dressed up with a red pimento stuffed inside, displayed perfectly in bowls or on toothpicks — they look yummy!  So do lemons!  So do jalapenos peppers!  But no matter what life dishes out, regardless of how it appears, these “curve-balls” of life can derail, disrupt, distract and even dismay.

So what do we do when life drops us a bowl of olives?  Christ gave us a perfect example on how to handle these moments.  Walking the streets just days before his arrest, Christ knew of the events to come.  Christ was as equally omniscient as the Father — He knew of the thorns, the spit, the cat of nine tails, the Roman Soldier that would pierce His side, the man that yelled mockery from the crowd, the nails in His hands and feet, the thirst, the pain, the separation from His Father . . . He knew!  Yet, He continued to love.  Sharing the love of the Father, healing the sick, performing miracles and teaching others about the Truth that will set them free.

But did Christ whine and complain of what was set before Him?  No, in fact, He knew He needed fellowship with the Father.  And so He did!  He found a quiet place, a secluded place, away from the crowds, away from the storm of life brewing thickly around Him.  He went to a place called Olivet.  It was here that Jesus spoke His heart to the Father.   It was here where He wailed, mourned, grieved and prayed.  He knew the immense weight of sin upon Him and that He would soon be separated from the Father.  He knew what He must endure before returning Home.

My eldest son is a runner!  He loves cross-country and can take off and disappear for miles.  Yesterday he and I had a great talk before practice.  We discussed many things, but most importantly, we talked about what it meant to spend time with Jesus.  How exciting!  So, just before practice I looked over at him and said, “hey man, go run with Jesus today!”  He smiled and said, “I’m planning on it!”  My son went to Olivet!

Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?  If we are abiding in Him and He in me (John 15:5) isn’t it supposed to look like this?  You say, “Well, I don’t have enough time in my day to spend with Jesus.  I’m up late and get up too early.  I’m too busy.  I’m never alone.”  Where is your Olivet?  Are you running with Jesus?  Are you working with Jesus?  Are you driving with Jesus?  Are you shopping with Jesus?  Are you sitting in a waiting room . . . with Jesus?   When you find your Olivet, Jesus meets you there no matter where it is — every time!

Take your Olives to your Olivet!

by:  Mark Cruver

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