Recently I ran across this book and wasn’t really sure it’s value nor application on my life.  But the one thing I did know was it’s message was something important.  Perhaps that was the Spirit prompting me.  I’m so glad I listened!

It took my relationship with Christ and, through this story, linked me with the living, breathing triune God that is joined with me forever.  Further it revealed in real terms how my life I do not live, but it’s Jesus’ life and only He can live it.

I learned further that it doesn’t matter what it feels like — my relationship with Christ is real and true.  The love the Father has for me is because of who I am, not what I’ve done or not done.

It taught me more about sin than I’ve ever understood.  That given my relationship with Christ, joined — linked, means I take Him with me into all my sin.  This is something He told the Corinthians.  This is huge!  Anything that comes my way, comes through Jesus!  Wow!

Can’t say how much it opened my eyes!  Check out this preview.

by: Mark Cruver

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