“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”  Romans 12:12

Last night I was reminded, again, of God’s promise to me in hearing my prayers.   So much can happen throughout the day, month or year without a lick of time spent in reflection.  I am just as guilty of this as the next guy, but this time God made it rather clear.  I can only imagine what you’re thinking . . . “Clear is what I pray for!”  Hearing a clear word from God is strongly coveted in the hearts of most people — whether He write on the wall, put an answer in lights, pen words with the clouds or frankly just speak outloud, a little bit of clear communication would be a nice touch sometimes.  But all too often, God speaks in the subtleties of life.

Prayer is passion.  Passion for the joy in fellowship with my Creator, my God, my Abba.  But remaining faithful in prayer can stretch beyond my emotional will.  It reaches past what “feels” like reality and enters into a sanctuary of hope that is only experienced in the warmth embrace given at the foot of the cross.  It’s a very special place.  And when, just when, my faithfulness in prayer is exercised, God shows up every time.

God shows up from the pages of His word, from the stranger on the street or in the grocery store, from my wife or sibling and especially from His little children.  There’s nothing sweeter than to hear the voice of God through the mouth of your own child.  Last night it rung in my ears the sounds of joy unspeakable and full of His glory!  My faithful prayers answered in the subtlety of life!

I’m so glad I was listening!!!

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  1. Yes, if we all just take a few moments to listen, God is there and he will speak. Most often we are drive through Christian’s, always wanting it fast and when he doesn’t…we start moving again without the direction and the word from our Maker. Listening to God and waiting for His direction reminds me of waiting for the fish to bite. The more patient we are in observing our surroundings while figuring out what their biting, the better chance we have in catching the fish. This is exactly what God wants us to do, be patient and wait on Him and he will bless us with nets full of fish.:)

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