One Dad’s Paternal Peace

How in the world does a father of four experience the joys of paternal peace? Where does it come from and how, in the midst of children growing up, becoming adults, does a parent wear a presence of peace? There is no control in this, nor is there the ability to maneuver decisions or outcomes. […]

That Dad

It’s funny actually, I realized today I’ve become that dad. I’ve recognized the fact that I have had to leave behind my son and bless him in his journey of becoming independent, failing and learning from those failings, soaring and soaring higher from his confidence and growth. As difficult as it is to do, it […]

Day One

Day one has come and gone. As a proud dad of this 2023 Coast Guard Cadet, today was overwhelming for many reasons. I cannot help but think of the swabs particularly. This day was hard, emotional, strenuous, long, demanding and seemingly unforgiving. The first hours were spent being issued uniforms and getting haircuts — and […]

Day Before Day One

There is no poetry or paint brush strokes adequate enough to describe this day. For many, it appears to be nothing more than a day to drop your child off at college and text them on the way home — just because you can. But it’s far more, far different. Capped with a silent ride […]

Sending Off

Sending off a child to serve our country is something I’ve yet to experience . . . until now. The thoughts and mere wonder of experiences have overwhelmed my thoughts in recent days imagining the new world, daily routine, rigor that my son has yet to face. It’s been a quick journey actually. With a […]