Life is filled with hard knocks — I presume you’d agree.  Circumstances that wield their way in and out of our lives, leaving a trail of hurt, pain and worse . . . destruction.  It can lead to personal torment and depression, worrisome and troubled thoughts and a sense of control that has somehow remained out of reach.

We look at the world around us in a more global sense and see buildings collapsing, abuse, political positioning, failing economies and all things corrupt.  It truly is difficult to see the light shining around the edge of this dark cloud.  But Jesus said He was the answer.  Surely if He were then He’d make right the wrong.

We look at our own world and see many things that fail.  We experience the unexpected death of a loved one, the dysfunction of divorce, the chaos of relationships, abuse and the absence of anything good.  No, it’s not about being a pessimist, it’s about the world — our lives, that reflect the growing nature of life since Eden.  God’s great plan to rescue his people has never changed, but the life we live today is that detour.  It’s a detour filled with pot holes and rough terrain, but God never promised smooth roads and clear skies — he just promised the destination because he is the answer.

In John 11 and 12 there is a story of faithfulness, trust and belief that brings rest in a worry-filled world.  We know from the story that Jesus loved Lazarus.  We also know that Mary, because of His love for Lazarus, knew that Jesus was the answer to Lazarus’ sickness and therefore sent word to Jesus so He would come.  Mary trusted in Jesus to be their Healer!  But Lazarus died before Jesus arrived.  And not just died, but Lazarus was placed in his tomb and was there for four days before Jesus arrived.  To Mary, Jesus was late and never showed up!

When Jesus finally arrived, Mary ran to him and stated that Lazarus would be alive today had he been here on time!  But Mary didn’t know that God’s glory would be shown to everyone in Lazarus’ life.  Mary didn’t realize that Jesus was the very answer for which she was asking all along.

Sometimes we only see what stands in front of us and forget that Jesus is never late and Jesus always shows up.  And every time He does, He understands our world!  No matter how bad it gets, no matter how dead life appears — Jesus isn’t the answer . . . Jesus is the VERY ANSWER!

So they took away the stone.  Then Jesus looked up and said, “Father, I thank you that you have heard me.  I knew that you always hear me, but I said this for the benefit of the people standing here, that they may believe that you sent me.”   John 11:41-42


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