“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not be in want . . .”  Psalm 23:1

Pride has a huge component that involves control.  If I must give up control, I’ve got to lay down my pride to do so.  The illusion in life is that we are in control of anything — when in fact, we have little control.  And when faced with a moment of surrender, our pride fluffs it’s feathers.

I remember an area in my own life where this was rather evident.  But like in most circumstances when pride is flexing muscles, we rarely notice it until after the fact.  Driving the family around was always a test of my pride.  It was rooted in the need to be in control of the vehicle — laced with a lack of trust and dependence, I all but demanded to be behind the wheel.  I felt too out of control if I were to sit in the passenger seat while my very capable, precious and lovely wife was in the captain’s chair.  It made me uncomfortable, unsettled, uneasy, restless, on edge and I would make noises to indicate my feeling in danger.  How absolutely absurd is that?  Exactly — it was my pride getting in the way of my prayer!

All too often we negate the role of the Shepherd in our daily journey with Him.  The role of the Shepherd is one that exemplifies a measure of love for me that when truly understood and believed gives me worth and dignity.  It means I have great value!  Value is obtained through worth and recognizing that through the Son I surrender.  It’s an act of obedient surrender, bowing before my Lord in ushering Him into my life, my decisions, my questions, my uncertainty, my crisis!  It’s an act of stepping out of the driver’s seat, allowing Him to sit on His throne and take me places I’ve never dreamed of going — trusting faithfully in the Shepherd!

So, what keeps me from bowing before my Lord?  My pride!  It’s the big bully in the room every time.  It’s the thing that keeps me from speaking to God when I’m driving alone in my car, it’s the thing that keeps me from considering others better than myself, it’s the thing that keeps me from praying!  Pride has no place.

My God has created me to fellowship with Him — both in joy and sorrow, both in victory and suffering.  I must cast off my pride and fall to my knees in prayer.  I have no control — I give Him full control!

Lord Jesus, it is you that has me in your palm.  Extend to me your wisdom in knowing that through faith, I am capable of many things, but in control of nothing.  Remind me of the power in prayer and the prison of pride.

“He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.”  Psalm 23:3

by:  Mark Cruver

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