How in the world does a father of four experience the joys of paternal peace? Where does it come from and how, in the midst of children growing up, becoming adults, does a parent wear a presence of peace? There is no control in this, nor is there the ability to maneuver decisions or outcomes.

To the best of my own understanding, the answer to these questions are far greater than anything I’m able to articulate. However, even in the difficulty one thing stands true, the author and finisher of all things is the Navigator of my children — their lives now, their lives tomorrow and forever belong to Him.

I trust with my every being and it’s a peace beyond measure. It, as the scripture describes, is “a peace that passes all understanding.” How very true this is as even in my own experiences with my sons going off to college and a military academy should provoke a sense of worry, heaviness, and question. Yet, it is just the opposite — it has brought upon my heart a peace unexplained.

How very thankful I am to know the One who cares for my boys even more than I ever could. While I hold a special place in the hearts of my children, as their dad I have a paternal peace.

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