“So then, no more boasting about men!”  I Corinthians 3:21

Why in the world do I allow my feelings to get hurt so easily.  The hurt and pain are tremendous and overwhelming at best.  I’m often at sorts identifying the nature of what God thinks of or sees in my feelings.  Since I have always worn my feelings on my skin they have been easily bruised and vulnerable to become infected with bitterness if not allowed to heal.

Lately, however, I’m learning the origin and makeup of my feelings.  There’s more to it than meets the eye!  The source of my pain and hurt runs more in line with the pride of our hearts that Paul warns the people of Corinth about.

When I disregard the gospel in my life, the human ego swells within and I fill the void to satisfy it’s insatiable appetite.  I then attach my self-worth to this ego and in order for me to feel good about myself I must measure against something (someone) else and satisfy my personal pride.

Then, like a thief in the night, someone hurts my feelings — but, what they actually do is kick my pride!  Ouch!  That hurt!  I wish my reply to someone’s “number 12” to my pride’s backside would invoke a simple “ouch.”  But it doesn’t.  It stirs my soul and in this case, deflates my ego.  Why does this make me hurt?  Because the emptiness inside of man’s ego that causes discomfort is often filled by the comparing of oneself to another.  It’s what the ego does!  And outside of the gospel, the ego re-inflates itself by other means.  It’s a horrible cycle.

So, when I hurt, when I get kicked — and I will, often — it’s vital to remember the Truth of the gospel.  The gospel is responsible for transforming my self-worth — my identity!  Because of this transformation, my ego operates different now!  Not by comparing myself to others, caring about what they think of me or even me judging myself.  Instead, I lean upon the Truth of what Christ thinks of me — that’s who I am!

“Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you.  But rejoice that you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when his glory is revealed.”  I Peter 4:12-13

by:  Mark Cruver

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