2017On the first day of the new year, I want to laugh — no kidding!  First of all, I can’t say how glad I am 2016 is over — well, I can say it, but then the expression would read incorrectly.  Why do I want to laugh?  I want to laugh because too many have forgotten what it’s like.  Too many are taking life so seriously, they are forgetting to enjoy the humor in the world around them.

Our country has experienced a brutal election overlapping a four-month long Christmas season (it started in October!).  The two of these in and of themselves may be enough to throw lemons on any sugar-patch party, but when the two ran hand-in-hand, lemons are all we found.

It is arguably true there was plenty of Christmas cheer, after all it was the year of millions of red and green laser dots illuminating the fronts of homes.  Laser lights equals cheer in any neighborhood.

But we are talking about laughter, not cheer.  When laugh happens, people are more healthy, more forgiving and generally in the best of attitudes.  We need more laughter.

Entitlement and Injustice are the two new lead dogs on the sled to tomorrow.  I remember the day when we laughed about life with everyone and everything in it.  It was the fuel that burned away at any injustice and overshadowed the illusion of entitlement.

Life was funny and we laughed!  In 2017, it’s gonna be funny.  Are you gonna laugh?

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